AWOL Academy Training

AWOL Academy is looking to provide ONLY THE BEST.

This is due to the fact that both of the co-founders Keala Kanae and Kameron George have been “in the trenches” for years along their own digital freelance marketing journey.

On their way to their success and founding AWOL Academy… they’ve pretty much seen it all… both the good and the downright ugly.  With all of this experience, they both set a mission of serving anyone willing to focus and put in the work to unlock what’s possible with their own online business.

So what makes up AWOL Academy?  Let’s get into it.

Everything begins with their foundation of AWOL 101 Proprietary coaching process. This very first step immediately sets AWOL Academy apart from the majority of other companies on the market.

The AWOL 101 process provides the brand new student with a deep dive questionnaire, business planning session AND a one on one coaching call.  This 3 part combination immediately lays down the core pieces for the student to build everything else upon.

The next step is AWOL Pro Academy.

This set of training modules walks the new student through the basic building blocks of creating their own digital freelance marketing business.  Once the student finishes Pro Academy they will possess their own automated and fully functioning sales funnel.  A funnel ready to capture leads and start bringing in sales!

Next up are the AWOL Academy “Ascension” products.  These are the potent trifecta of Inbox, Conversion and Traffic Academy.  Each one providing a comprehensive walk through within each unique marketing skill set.

Once a student completes this trilogy of training, they will quickly upgrade their email marketing, converting ad copy and offers and be able to consistently generate laser targeted, high quality traffic to their growing business.

The final stage of advancement within AWOL Academy comes from their Masters Academy and AWOL Elite mastermind program.  These final two pieces are reserved for only the “truly dedicated” entrepreneurs.

Masters Academy provides the student with the high level “legacy building blocks” in a variety of areas such as money management skills, investment strategies and tax tips.  Keala and Kameron bring in top level experts to guide the way.

Finally the ultimate and “unprecedented VIP access” is through the AWOL Elite mastermind program.  This is the highest level of personalized training and mentorship.

Within AWOL Elite, members gain exclusive access to weekly LIVE masterclass training, sales funnel reviews and one on one feedback and assistance in maximizing their marketing efforts.

AWOL Elite is a tight knit community of 6,7 and 8 figure earners all working side by side for the advancement of all.  Becoming connected with the Elite mastermind is the pinnacle of fast track progress for any online entrepreneur.

With this step by step and wide ranging approach to digital freelance marketing, AWOL Academy training over delivers with the highest quality instruction, tools and coaching currently available on the market.