AWOL Academy Founders

Keala Kanae and Kameron George… the dynamic duo behind the vision and mission of AWOL Academy.  Both of them understand what it takes to create a thriving digital freelance marketing business as they both rose from the bottom to rise to the top.

Keala Kanae spent 13 years at 22 different dead end jobs, barely getting by on a daily basis. All the while still desperately attempting to create his own online business.  Over the years, Keala invested any extra money he had in training, tools and coaching.

But nothing seemed to ever work for him… and eventually he hit rock bottom in 2012.

It was only after finally feeling as if there was no hope that Keala had the breakthroughs that allowed him to move forward.  He was able to discover the correct business model and methods and eventually created his own multiple six figure business.

Kameron George followed a very similar path to his progress and eventual financial freedom.  He too spent more than his fair share of time “working the grind” as a construction worker.  Long hours and very low pay.

But just like Keala, Kameron knew there had to be a better way to make money.  And to be able to do it while having control over his time and get to do what he wanted, whenever he wanted to do it.

So he put his focus on mastering the right marketing skill sets that he was able to eventually leverage into his own highly successful affiliate marketing career.  A career that took him to a level of success he’d only seen in his wildest imagination.

In fact, Kameron George at the young age of 22 was able to generate over 6 figures in sales in a single month while hanging out in Thailand.

While these background stories are amazing all on their own… it’s what Keala and Kameron did after their initial success that is even more inspiring.

That is when they both walked away from their massive individual success in order to partner up and co-found AWOL Academy.  They understood that they could create the training, systems and coaching that could help virtually anyone with the will to succeed to exactly that.

And Keala Kane and Kameron George have been doing exactly that for hundreds of students and look forward to helping thousands more.

“AWOL is dedicated to equipping the 21st century entrepreneur with a very specific set of skills… a set of skills that truly can set you free.”

Keala Kanae