AWOL Academy Advanced Programs: Masters Academy & AWOL Elite

Are you ready to build more than just a business?

The AWOL Academy advanced programs… Masters Academy & AWOL Elite… provide the “mastermind level” knowledge, strategies and mentoring necessary for your own legacy creation.

Most people are more than satisfied with building their own highly successful online business that provides complete lifestyle freedom.  Far less choose to pursue what lies beyond “just a business.”

To design a lifetime legacy that lasts for generations.

But where does one even begin on a path to such life-altering prosperity?

Part one is the AWOL Masters Academy.

While all of the tools, resources, skills and strategies contained within the previous Academy training are key… becoming a master requires much more.

For building a legacy business and brand goes far deeper than marketing methods, tracking stats and creating the best products and services.

Inside AWOL Masters Academy, Co-founders Keala Kanae and Kameron George have brought in some of the world’s top level experts when it comes to a variety of high level business principles.

Areas like effective money management, strategic tax approaches, long-term investing and more so that you can continue to build on whatever your current business success is at right now.

As you can see from that inspiring list, becoming a Master goes way beyond email marketing, lead capture pages and generating traffic.

Becoming a true master of your business involves the discipline and commitment to treat your business as an emerging worldwide juggernaut.

It is through the investment in these “high ticket skill sets” that you are setting yourself on a course of lifelong profit and contribution.

For it’s one thing to create a business that generates a decent profit year after year.

It’s quite another to ensure yourself a lifetime of wealth creation, security and legacy.

If you’re ready to leave behind the “wantrepreneur” way of life and embrace the journey of a legacy builder…

Your next level begins with AWOL Masters Academy.


This is only for the select few.

The select few entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to invest in themselves at the absolute highest level.

And that highest level of advancement is available within the AWOL Elite mastermind program.

This mastermind program is exclusively for those entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to put forth the focus, discipline and consistent effort to advance their digital freelance marketing career.

AWOL Elite is not a mastermind for the faint of heart.  It is for entrepreneurs who are extremely serious about fast tracking their success through tapping into the minds of highly successful entrepreneurs.  And that is exactly what Elite members gain access to with the mastermind.

Members are able to attend a WEEKLY LIVE MASTERCLASS hosted by AWOL Academy founders Keala Kane and Kameron George.  Each of these masterclass session run between 2 and 3 hours long!

They not only provide a mountain of “what’s working now” marketing knowledge… but also Q & A and personalized sales funnel reviews.  These weekly live masterclasses over deliver on a MASSIVE SCALE.

Of course every AWOL Elite member also is given full access to the entire AWOL Academy training suite.  Beginning with Pro Academy then onto Inbox, Conversion, Traffic and ending with Masters Academy.

This provides an AWOL Elite member every possible training and resource available under the AWOL company umbrella.  For some, this fact alone is worth the price of admission.

But along with the vast array of Academy training modules and weekly live masterclasses… there is the community itself.  A community that is extremely close and dedicated to advancing the success of every individual member.

Within this AWOL Elite mastermind program, you’ll be able to rub shoulders with only the best in a variety of business models.  The majority of them 6, 7 and even 8 figure earners!

Just imagine how much of an impact even one conversation or one bit of feedback from a top earner might mean FOR YOUR BUSINESS?  The possibilities are mind-boggling.

Finally you are able to able either Keala or Kameron… or both… take a deep dive into your marketing methods to help you revamp, rework and retool for the maximum results.  It’s like having both of them as your business partner in building up your business.

This type of unprecedented access is unheard of in the online marketing industry.

But as was stated in the beginning, this is not for everyone.

It is for the serious minded… the dedicated… the ones who understand getting to the top means investing in only THE VERY BEST.

For those willing to take their belief in themselves to the ultimate level and design their dream lifestyle…